Breaking Down Barriers to Financial Opportunity and Empowering Communities

Fintech Future supports innovators breaking down traditional barriers to capital to ensure millions of Americans can easily and responsibly access the resources they need to realize their dreams.

The traditional banking system has left too many behind for too long.

Many consumers, families and businesses across the United States still lack access to the necessary resources that today’s banking system provides. As a result, upward mobility through the traditional entrepreneurialism, hard work and a fair shot is stifled.

We are a coalition of justice advocates, small businesses, and fintech leaders.

We are founded on the principles of advancing economic opportunity, equality, and justice.
We advocate to leverage the latest technology to responsibly and equitably deliver nimble and scalable financial, lending, and payment solutions.
We believe that more people and businesses deserve greater access to capital resources in order to strengthen the economy at large.

A non-partisan policy and community engagement organization.

Fintech Future is committed to working with our industry’s government partners, regulators, and community organizations to support equal access to financial services and capital while supporting policies and efforts that ensure the highest levels of compliance, accountability, and consumer protection.
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